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Building up driveway with run off issues. Covering with reclaimed asphalt.

Building up driveway with run off issues. Covering with reclaimed asphalt.
Excessive winter run off damages from major rain event this winter cause heavy damage. Rebuilding road and establishing a crown. In this case, neighbor like the outcome so much, asked me to do theirs as well.

Cleaning up Grass Covered Driveway

Clean up grass and covered with 7/8 minus material.

Covering Access Road 7/8 minus ledge

Access road leading to cottage on the Island. Scarified existing road and graded. We fix all the imperfections in the road prior to bringing in material to cover it. Absolutely beautiful material to work with. Great color and consistency.


Rebuilding driveway and resurfacing with reclaimed asphalt.

Day Project

We built a parking pad and single car turn around. Replaced a 20' metal culvert to 30' plastic culvert. Used reclaimed asphalt for cover and stability.


Pulling up old hot top....Covering with reclaimed asphalt.

Driveway with Processed Ledge

Putting driveway in with processed ledge.

Grass Clean Up & Driveway Resetting

Grass had taken over the driveway and parking area. We cleaned up the grass, removed heavy stone, and reset the driveway.

Guarding Dad's Truck

Heights Drive

This was a project which includes a shared road and driveway. Reclaim covered with ground work.

Patching Hot Top Driveway

Repairing an exisiting hot top driveway that has numerous pot holes and cracks with reclaimed asphalt.

Raised Flower Bed Retaining Wall

Building a weedless raised flower bed.

Reclaimed Asphalt

Building a driveway with crushed asphalt.

Repairing Driveway

Driveway in Eddington that was covered with reclaim. This is the prep work being done in first photo, after reclaim application in second photo.

Resurfacing Driveway with Reclaimed Asphalt

If you are looking for a contractor that offers driveway restoration or camp road services, we feel we are the perfect match. We have the equipment, and experience working with any and all aggregates available. We have provided quality restoration services for 15 years, throughout the eastern Maine area. It is our goal to provide a long term effective repair that exceeds the client’s expectations for every job, no matter how big or small. For any and all of your driveway concerns, if you need a competitive, experienced company that stands behind their work, Call the Gravel Doctor 848-3563

Riding Stable

Building a riding stable for horses.


This project consisted of scarifying, grading, and resurfacing with reclaimed asphalt as a cover.